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Marcelo Chacur Politano

Folk / Experimental

3 Songs (2022)

Marcelo Politano: Acoustic guitar, quena and pífano flutes.

Produced, mixed and edited by Marcelo.

The compositions are part of Marcelo's doctoral studies at the Sibelius Academy (Finland) and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Estonia).

Candango Trio (2021)


Band teaser. 

Marcelo Politano: Saxophone 

Karoliina Kreintaal: Violin

Luiz Black: Percussion


Produced, mixed and edited by Upupa Audiovisuals and Urua Music OÜ.

KuumTuul (2020) 


KuumTuul is a band based in Tallinn (Estonia) of fusion and folk music. The band is composed by Edgar Pacheca (Spain) and Marcelo Politano (Brazil).

Together they explore different sonorities of South American and Iberian traditions with hints of electronic atmospheres through authorial compositions.

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Orquestra Manancial da Alvorada Via Várzea (2018)


Band Album released in 2018. 

Produced, mixed and mastered by Rafael Pfleger at the Pimenta Produções Artísticas Studio - Florianópolis, SC, Brazil
Performed through the Catarinense Music Prize 2017.

Marcelo Politano: Saxophone on track "Pantristocracia'

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Grupo Obra Aberta (2014)


Obra Aberta is a group of experimental music created in 2012 at the University of Campinas. The group is dedicated to the creation and performance of improvised music. Their artistic creation are presented in the form os open scores, musical games or scenic pieces, as well as free improvisations.  

Marcelo Politano: Improviser at Saxophone tenor, Clarinet Bb, Quena flute, Pífano Flute and other Brazilian traditional instruments.

Ensemble ROMEIRAL (2016)


Ensemble of authorial chamber music. Created in 2008, the group recorded this album in 2012 only with compositions created by the performers. The album received many positive critics from important Brazilian musicians, including Andre Mehmari, who wrote a presentation text about the album.

Marcelo Politano: Composer, Tenor Saxophone and Tin Whistle in C.

JOÃO BÁ-Cavaleiro Macunaíma (2014)

Album recorded to celebrate the 80th birthday of the folk Brazilian artist João Bá. "Tuiuiú" track.


Marcelo Politano: Quena Flute, Quenacho flute, Zampoñas.

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CHASKY (1960-2019)

The group Chasky was created in 1960 when students from different countries of South America migrated to Brazil and started to perform the folk music from different countries of South America.

Nowadays the group is still active with former member and a new generation of young musicians interested in the latin folk music.

With almost 60 years of existence, Chasky is one of the most important groups of South American folk music still active.


Marcelo Politano: Quena Flute, Pífano flute

João Arruda - Venta Moinho (2014)

Album recorded vy the folk Brazilian artist João Arruda. "Altiplano" track.


Marcelo Politano: Quena Flutes.

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